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Partner with experienced professional's adept at smooth global shipping of full container loads (FCL). Enjoy timely issuance of your booking note and bill of lading, guaranteed with every shipment.

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Tailored handling options—be it Door-to-Door or Port-to-Port—with flexible Free Days to suit your specific requirements.

Air Cargo Shipments - International

Real-time visibility on live pricing, schedules, and cargo tracking globally, whether it's Door-to-Door or Airport-to-Airport

Custom Clearance

Providing efficient customs and clearance services for both imports and exports, we grasp the intricacies involved in navigating cross-border shipments.


Goods reception, pick-up, and dispatch, along with inventory management, regulatory compliance, record-keeping, sorting, and packaging services.

Door to door services

Our product is designed with adaptability in mind, ensuring it aligns with evolving business needs and meets customer expectations.

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Explore Casia Global: Your Top Pick for Tailored Ocean Freight Solutions.

In the dynamic world of freight forwarding, Casia Global has established itself as a top player, specializing in tailored solutions within the Ocean Freight logistics sector.

As your dedicated point of contact, Casia Global’s ocean freight services embody a wealth of expertise, providing adept guidance and solutions for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidations. Our extensive network facilitates seamless connections from local ports to global destinations, ensuring that each client secures the optimal arrangement for cost-effectiveness and service excellence.

Boost Your International Business Reach with Casia Global's IATA Approved Air Freight Logistics Solutions

Casia Global, an IATA-approved provider of air freight logistics solutions, caters to diverse air freight handling and delivery needs across strategic business destinations globally.

Our services prioritize safety, competitive pricing, and tailored delivery schedules to meet each client’s requirements. Backed by a skilled team specialized in air freight logistics, we ensure comprehensive on-ground cargo handling, meticulous import/export documentation, security and customs clearance, and versatile multi-modal transport services.

Streamlined Domestic Air and Rail Freight Solutions by Casia Global: Ensuring Smooth Connectivity Across India

Casia Global introduces a precisely organized domestic air and rail freight transportation service designed exclusively for efficient domestic cargo transit. With extensive nationwide coverage, this service connects vital manufacturing hubs to key airports, providing a seamless channel for importers and exporters to swiftly and cost-effectively move their cargo to nearby transit points.

Explore the benefits of Casia Global’s domestic air freight solutions, enabling agile cargo transport to and from any location within the country. Our proficiency extends beyond navigating flight schedules and ensuring smooth connections; we excel in securing the best freight rates, a domain where Casia Global truly excels.

Casia Global: Advancing the Landscape of Reefer Container Management

In the domain of Reefer Container management, Casia Global has established its unique identity. Our Reefer business portfolio exemplifies precise cargo handling and exceptional reefer container services, placing a high emphasis on the careful handling of valuable and temperature-sensitive cargo.

At Casia Global, our skilled team is well-versed in adhering to precise technical protocols during reefer container loading. We maintain a rigorous focus on loading procedures to ensure delicate cargo is stowed with the utmost precision, minimizing the risk of any potential damage.

Discover Excellence in Reefer Container Management at Casia Global: Where Precision Meets Care for Your Valuable Cargo.

Casia Global: Your Global Collaborator for Outstanding Exhibition and Event Logistics

Casia Global takes pride in presenting its specialized Exhibition and Event Logistics service, meticulously designed to cater to clients worldwide. Our all-encompassing solution is finely tailored to assist Indian exhibitors engaging in international trade shows and exhibitions, as well as international clients presenting their offerings in India. We optimize the transportation process for complete exhibition sets, which include wooden panels, steel frames, prefabricated designs, printed materials, lighting, electronic components, and other essential marketing resources, ensuring their safe delivery to event venues across the globe.

Understanding the pivotal role these cargo items play in enhancing our clients’ reputation and market positioning, Casia Global pays meticulous attention to every crucial aspect. From precise packing, secure loading, strategic storage to careful lifting – we leave no stone unturned in minimizing any potential risk of damage.

Casia Global: Leading the Way in Break Bulk, ODC, and Project Cargo Logistics with Expertise

Drawing on its extensive experience and versatile cargo handling capabilities, Casia Global stands out as an industry leader in Break Bulk, ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo), and Project Cargo logistics.

Within the Break Bulk domain, Casia Global showcases expertise in transporting large and heavy commodities, demonstrating precise handling and transportation methods. We efficiently transport a diverse range of goods, including timber logs, steel coils, paper rolls, machine components, and various types of machinery.

In the realm of ODC handling, Casia Global’s proficiency shines once more. We excel in the comprehensive handling and loading of heavy, irregularly-shaped cargo that doesn’t conform to standard cargo container dimensions. Equipped with specialized tools such as flat racks and super racks, we provide end-to-end services covering lashing, loading, and transportation.

Advancing Cargo Logistics through Specialized Break Bulk, ODC, and Project Cargo Solutions Offered by Casia Global

Casia Global showcases its extensive experience and versatile cargo handling capabilities, redefining industry standards in Break Bulk, ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo), and Project Cargo logistics.

In the realm of Break Bulk, Casia Global takes the lead, mastering the transportation of oversized and heavy commodities. Our expertise spans a wide range, from moving timber logs and steel coils to paper rolls, machine parts, machinery, and more.

Venturing into ODC handling, Casia Global demonstrates exceptional proficiency. We excel in the smooth handling and loading of substantial and uniquely shaped cargo, surpassing the limitations of standard cargo containers. Equipped with specialized tools such as flat racks and super racks, our comprehensive service package covers lashing, loading, and transportation.

Casia Global: Your Prime Choice for Cutting-Edge Cargo Management and Warehousing Solutions

In line with its extensive range of cargo logistics services, Casia Global introduces state-of-the-art cargo management and storage solutions, ensuring utmost safety and security within its meticulously maintained warehousing facilities. These facilities are designed to accommodate both short-term and long-term storage needs, emphasizing flexibility and dependability.

Integrated seamlessly into its comprehensive 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) and Supply Chain offerings, Casia Global has strategically partnered with asset owners strategically positioned across vital distribution hubs, key ports, and concentrated manufacturing areas. This strategic network equips Casia Global to serve as a highly adaptable B2B and B2C fulfillment partner, leveraging the robust capacities of its expansive warehousing infrastructure.

Casia Global: Your Certified Customs Broker for Professional Customs Broking Services

Casia Global operates as an authorized Customs Broker, recognized for delivering seamless and impeccably managed customs broking services. Our service coverage extends across major seaports, airports, and vital cargo distribution points, serving as a crucial component of the extensive Casia Global service portfolio. Over time, this service has evolved in accordance with modern best practices, regulations, and protocols, presenting a fully streamlined and results-oriented offering.

At Casia Global, we bear the responsibility of expediting statutory paperwork and essential procedures. Of paramount importance is our pivotal role in carefully preparing, completing, and submitting comprehensive document sets, meticulously aligned with current customs regulations and business legislations.

Reliable Liquid Logistics Solutions Offered by Casia Global: ISO Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Flexi Tanks, and Beyond

Casia Global is a trusted liquid logistics services provider, celebrated for its consistent reliability and careful handling. Our services encompass a variety of transportation options, such as ISO Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Food Grade Tanks, Flexi Tanks, and Intermediate Bulk Containers – all certified and subjected to rigorous quality checks.

With strong global affiliations facilitated by an expansive network of international agents and fully operational offices, Casia Global is well-prepared to expertly handle and transport liquid shipments to nearly any destination worldwide.

Casia Global: Your Proficient Partner for Managing Hazardous Cargo Logistics

Casia Global leads the way in the specialized field of orchestrating comprehensive logistics for dangerous and hazardous cargo. This unique business sector demands exceptional expertise and technical proficiency, as strict compliance with a range of stringent rules and regulations is vital. Central to this sector are considerations for both human safety and environmental preservation.

Addressing these complex challenges, Casia Global has assembled a specialized team of experienced professionals. These experts possess expert knowledge in handling, loading, and dispatching dangerous and hazardous cargo. Concurrently, they meticulously ensure full compliance with global safety standards, assuring seamless adherence to the highest levels of safety and security.

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